Dean Maniatis

Entara welcomes Dean Maniatis as our Director of Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) to our team.

Dean’s appointment underscores our unwavering commitment to HSE, an area we regard as paramount in the refining and oil & gas sectors, asset management, and refinery transition and decarbonization.

Introducing Dean Maniatis

For Dean, HSE is fundamentally about doing what’s right— ensuring the well-being and safety of individuals inside and outside of the workplace. With over nine years of leadership experience globally managing HSE at Phillips 66 refining, Dean has shaped HSE practices, making significant strides in enhancing safety protocols and environmental stewardship.

His extensive background also includes pivotal roles at ConocoPhillips, where he served as the Global Refining HSE Manager and oversaw HSE initiatives across the Asia Pacific region. Dean’s educational credentials, a BS in Microbiology and Environmental Science from Colorado State University, further solidify his expertise in this critical field.

Entara’s Deep-Seated Commitment to HSE

At Entara, HSE is not just a priority—it’s our ethos. The refining and oil & gas industries present inherent risks, including exposure to hazardous substances and the potential for serious incidents. Recognizing this, we invest in HSE operating practices and capital improvements to safeguard our workforce and the communities where we operate.

With a track record of implementing lifesaving rules and crafting comprehensive safety protocols, Dean brings invaluable knowledge and experience to our team. He’s not just familiar with the rules—he’s often the one writing them, tailoring each policy to meet the unique challenges of our industry.

More Than Policies: Cultivating a Culture of Safety

Under Dean’s leadership, we aim to go beyond traditional HSE practices. It’s not solely about having rules in place; it’s about embedding a culture of safety and environmental responsibility across every level of our organization, from the refinery and operators to the commercial suite. Through rigorous training, continuous education, and fostering a shared commitment to HSE, we strive to create an environment where safety is integral to our mission of managing large manufacturing assets.