Peter Terenzio

Peter Terenzio is a seasoned human resources generalist known for his expertise in employee and labor relations, business reorganization, benefits and compensation, training, and talent management.

With a robust background in mergers and acquisitions, Peter has a deep understanding of the human resources field in a global and complex world.

His previous roles include nine years as HRBP Manager Global Refining & Labor Relations at Phillips 66 and ConocoPhillips. Additionally, he has served as the VP of Human Resources & Administration at PBF Energy, showcasing his extensive and diverse experience in a global HR environment.

Peter earned his BA in International Relations in 1979 before serving as a Captain in Military Intelligence until 1983. His international and leadership experiences rapidly led him to 40+ years in HR leadership roles.

As previous coworkers and employees of Peter’s have remarked: he is a one-of-a-kind businessman, “an engaging colleague, and a highly professional manager with broad experience in human resources and labor relations” and “you simply can’t have a better person as head of your HR function. He is a true leader.”